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Merewood Asset Managment is a boutique trading and consulting firm focusing specifically in the commodity space, the principles of the company have 25+ years experience across the sector and have been involved in all aspects of the business from upstream to downstream in multiple projects spanning the commodities spectrum. The team at Merewood have also had exposure to all aspects of financial trading since the mid 1990’s.

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The team at Merewood Asset Management are actively involved in multiple derivatives trading strategies across the board from FX to Fixed Income and then with a specific more in depth focus on commodities based longer term trading.


Multi currency OTC FX arbitrage strategies


Long term macro based strategies

Fixed Income

Long term macro driven interest rate strategies


Merewood Asset Managements founders act in an advisory capacity to commodities based entities with the aim of securing structured trade finance and project finance. Merewood has also helped companies in advisory capacity relating to best practices in the commodity space and derivatives based trading strategies for the hedging of physical cargos and proprietery trading.

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22 Malacca Street
#03-02 RB Capital Building
Singapore 048980


+44 208 133 4808


22 Malacca Street

#03-02 RB Capital Building

Singapore 048980

+44 208 133 4808